My wifi isnt working on my android phone

How come my phone says I'm connected to the wifi yet the internet

My office provide us with a WiFi hot spot, but one day it stopped working and nobody could connect to the net desipite of the strong signal. It turned out that the cable that connect the router to the server is disconnected. So it's possible that your phone is not the problem. Have you tried connecting through WiFi from different locations?

Confirm that your phone is showing 4G LTE or 3G on the top of your screen. Try another WiFi network. You may be connected to a network with no internet. If you've checked these things and still can't figure out why your phone is not connecting to the internet, call an Xfinity Mobile Specialist at (888) 936-4968.

Why is my Samsung Tablet alone not connecting to my wifi whereas 4 Dec 2017 hy is my Samsung Tablet alone not connecting to my wifi whereas my Should none of the former work a. Now, if you are still having the problem at this point, and you are sure it isn't the modem/router that is the problem. How come my phone says I'm connected to the wifi yet the internet There are many ways you can use to get rid of this issue and Here is how I could fix this issue: We will first try the easiest checklist and then go to advance  10 best WiFi Apps for Android to Get the Most of Your WiFi A laptop can work, but wandering around with a bulky laptop can get tiring. This is more than just “What WiFi networks can my Android device detect”, but. the WiFi network is working all right but the cellular network isn't working as well,  FAQs about Wi-Fi Calling | Sprint Support

Android Says No Service and How To Fix It | Wirefly Learn how to fix an Android phone with no service so that you have good cell for a Wi-Fi connection and manually selecting it when the phone struggles to do  wifi connection problem — Nokia phones community 16 Nov 2018 When you're sure the issue isn't related to the Wi-Fi or router itself, the first thing you doing to fix this what is wrong with my brand new phone that you guys break so hard about 3.1 plus since android 9 update. wifi is automatically disconnected and do not Also unable to use wifi direct on my Nokia 6.1. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connections on your Android phone -

This is not a that wifi connected but not working.There are some restrictions in wifi connection.It might be showing connected but some time it is like that you have permission to access the internet, Thats why after some time it shows my suggestion for you is top check the authority to you and your wifi connection. How To Fix An Android That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi (On All When my android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi, I usually consider checking the settings of the wireless router – (Read official guide from, I use as well, because I may have dabbled with the settings and ended up blocking my phone from connecting to the Wi-Fi. Make sure that your phone is allowed to access the Wi-Fi and its Mac What to do if your phone won't connect to Wi-Fi - Android The first step if your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi is an obvious one: You should check to see if Wi-Fi on your Android device is turned on.

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Just the other day I tried use my Android to connect to a Wi-Fi network I've I had to introduce the password again since I did a factory reset on my device a  Mobile connectivity troubleshooting | Skype Support Sign in My Skype Avatar Check your internet connectivity by opening any other web page. Switch from cellular mobile data to Wi-Fi to ensure you have enough If you're using an Android device, make sure you haven't blocked internet  Troubleshoot Streaming Issues on your Android Device If you're unable to stream Netflix on your Android phone or tablet, use this Troubleshoot Streaming Issues on your Android Device If your router is separate from your modem, plug it in and wait until no new Improve your Wi-Fi signal.

I have tried most things I can think of to fix it: I have restarted my phone, reinstalled the problem apps, cleared data and cache on problem apps, 

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